Stored Data

Clipboard Manager stores these types of data:

TEXT - Copied text (maximum 100 000 characters).

LINK - Copied website url or text containing a website url.

IMAGE - Copied images.

FILE / FILES - Copied file and folder references (files and folders are not stored).

History Limit

Clipboard Manager deletes old items when the application is started or at the beginning of the each day. Favorite items, items in folders and items with a title will not be deleted. System time zone change affects the deleted items (for time options).

Set in Preferences - General:

20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000 items

Today (keeps today's items -> every day deletes all items), Yesterday (keeps yesterday's items), 2 Day Ago, 3 Day Ago, 4 Day Ago, 5 Day Ago, 6 Day Ago, 1 Weeks Ago (7 Days Ago), 2 Weeks Ago (14 Days Ago)


Swipe or Double Click the item.

Click Paste or Paste as Plain Text in the menu.

Press Enter to paste or Cmd+Enter to paste as plain text.

Paste with Edit

Use text of one or more text items and edit it before paste it.

Click Paste with Edit in the menu or press Shift+Cmd+Enter.


Paste or Delete items with Swipe.

Change the swipe action in Preferences - Actions.

Quick Panel

Quickly perform the selected action.

Customize the actions in the quick panel in Preferences - Actions.

Selected Text

Press and hold Cmd and select text, the following actions will be performed with this text.


Filter items by type or application.

Press Cmd+R for reset filters.


Start typing and the search begins or press Cmd+F and start typing.


Organize items into folders. Edit folders in Preferences.

Click Move to Folder in the menu or click the folder button at the bottom left of the item.

Switch Folders by press Tab or Shift+Tab.


Choose your favorite items.

Click Add to Favorites in the menu or click at the bottom right of the item.

Switch to Favorites by press Tab or Shift+Tab.


Sort items by text similarity pasted into the active application in the past. Only text items are sorted this way, other items (images, links, files) are placed at the end (with confidence score = 0.0).

A machine learning model and its confidence score are used to determine text similarity.

Confidence score > 0.5

Confidence score > 0.3

Confidence score > 0.0

Confidence score = 0.0

Most Used

Sort items by paste count.

Switch to Most Used by press Tab or Shift+Tab.


Open item in the default application.

Click Open in the menu or press Cmd+O.

Save to File

Save item to file.

Click Save to File in the menu or press Cmd+S.

Show in Finder

Show file(s) of the item in Finder.

Click Show in Finder in the menu.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop items into any application.


Click Share in the menu and select the target.

Item History

Click Show History in the menu.

Item Detail

Click Show Detail in the menu or press Space.

Item Title

Click Set Title or Edit Title in the menu.

Clipboard Monitoring


Clipboard Manager saves the contents of the clipboard.


Clipboard Manager does not save the contents of the clipboard.

View Mode

Normal View Mode

Normal row height.

Compact View Mode

Compact row height and plain text.

Paste the Last Items

(Removed since version 2.4.0)

Press Cmd+1,2...9,0 for paste first, second...n-th item.

Made with by Jan Valta.